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E-commerce is the ultimate plan for any business or organization as by having a E-commerce site, you create a virtual shop on the Internet. An E-commerce site enables you to sell  your products on the Internet.

In many ways an online shop has many advantages over a physical shop. Below is a list of some of the advantages offered by having an online shop. 

Major advantages

  • Your shop is open all the time 24hours 365days, which means a customer can visit your online shop at any time of the day to have a look at the products listed or displayed in your store.
  • It transcends Geographical boundaries means depending on the product you are selling, there is no limit on your market. Now the whole world is your market.
  • The Product you list on your store is not necessarily part of your inventory, which means you can back-order the product upon receiving an order.
  • Today customer has become intelligent and time conscious and they like to research and to have the complete information about the product online, before finally buying it. So in such cases, if your store offers such information to the customer, you connect with the prospective customer  and he is most likely walk in your store to make the final purchase.
  • Now the technology has advanced so much that a customer can know more about the product online than actually visiting the store. for example - close-up photograph of the product, color options, detailed specification of the product, other advantages. Customer reviews etc.
  • The Biggest advantage of an online store is that overtime a customer database with their contact information is build-up, who registers and buys from the online store. This database can be utilized in offering new products, special offers, schemes by email, SMS, tele-calling etc.
  • Up-sell, cross selling of the products can be achieved in a more systematic manner, which means a customer browsing for a product say a Digital Camera of Rs.6000/- with certain specification can be shown a camera worth Rs.7000/- with higher specification. Likewise Cross-selling is a strategy of providing existing customers the opportunity to purchase additional items offered by the seller. Often, cross-selling involves offering the customer items that compliment the original purchase in some manner

Key Features

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