Hospital ERP

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We introduce ourselves as the web based software solutions provider specially hospitals, nursing homes.

We have already provided the hospital management application to Hospital Sanjivani, the prominent hospital in Sambalpur.

We can adept and provide tailor made solutions as per the specific needs of the client in a most simple to operate and self-explanatory data input forms.

As a Brief summary for the solution we have provided to Hospital Sanjivani is as below:


  • Appointments with Doctor
  • OPD Test Bill
  • Casualty Bill


  • IPD Patient Registration
  • Patient Admission
  • Daily Ward Entry
  • OT Note
  • Medicine Request


  • Room Bed Status - (Vacant /Occupied)
  • Discharge Note
  • Estimate for Billing
  • Database Backup

Summary Description of Solution Provided.

Step 1 – Master Creation Screen is provided for all the modules as required like Doctors, Doctor visit charges based on various criteria such as Room Category, Cash/Cashless. Master for Room Category and Rooms & Beds. Master for Hospital charges. Master for Operations, Operation Services & Consumables is also provided. Provision for package (which includes room charges, service charges, visit charges) etc. is also provided. A Health Card System for patients opting for health card and availing discounts thereon on various services both in OPD & IPD is also provided.


Prominent Features

  • Patient Admission Screen takes the admission & Discharge date & time. Total Stay in Days & hours is calculated automatically. Total Charges for the Bed/Room is applied automatically in the Estimate on the pre-defined Rules.
  • Package is also selected in the Patient Admission Screen. On the basis on what is included in the package, necessary deduction is made in the Estimate from Room Charges, Service Charges and Visit Charges.
  • Third Party Association – for Health Insurance Patient is also provided in the Patient Admission Screen.
  • Daily Ward Entry is the screen/form where multiple entries per patient on daily basis can be done like service provided, Doctor Visit. The Charges field is filled automatically based on the rates provided in the master and takes the rates based on the current room Category as well as Cash/Cashless, which can be overridden there itself when needed.
  • OT Note – This Screen takes the date of Operation – Operation Start time & End Time. Surgeons involved in the operation. Operation Name. Operation charge is filled Auto based on the Master or can be filled or overridden manually. OT Services & Consumables are also entered here.
  • Discharge Note for all admitted patient is created automatically on admission with the patient contact detail. Treatment, Admission Status, Investigation, Provisional Diagnosis, Final Diagnosis can be filled on day to day basis.
  • Estimate for all admitted patients is also created automatically. Necessary Details needs to be filled in the Estimate at the time of discharge to prepare the discharge note.
  • Room Bed Status is a Graphical Representation of all the Rooms in the hospital. Showing in two colors for occupied Vs. Vacant. The details of the Patient for the occupied rooms can be viewed by simply taking the mouse over it.

Other Notable Features

  • Software needs to be installed & updated only at one Computer/Server, works on LAN for simultaneous use by multiple users.
  • Important reports can be exported to excel, PDF & other formats as required.
  • It can also be accessed over Internet if necessary password protection is put in place and a static IP is taken for the Internet connection.
  • Bills, Slips for appointments, OPD Test Bill can be designed in any size as per the requirement for printing.

Please feel free to ask for any other information. We can arrange a demo at any time as per your convenience.